Mt Agung, Bali

I hiked up Mt Agung today, my second mountain in 5 days in Bali.  This is an active stratovolcano and the highest point in the island of Bali at an elevation of 10,308ft.  To avoid an obstructed view from the top, and the crazy heat of the day, we began the hike at around 2:00 am with plans to reach the top before sunrise.  We climbed a total of 5,280ft in 3.5 hours!  We took the route from Pura Pasar Agung, where the trail begins with a series of staircases near a temple and continues through open forest and beautiful and lush green jungle.  The last 3,000 feet or so are on very rocky terrain and super exposed.

I had never hiked a mountain so steep and in the dark!  In a way for me, it was better to just see a few feet in front of me so I wouldn’t realize how exposed we were.  We had yet another fantastic sunrise in Bali with no clouds at the top of Mt. Agung and a perfect view of Mt. Rinjani on the island of Lombok and other nearby islands.  I enjoyed and had the pleasure of meeting Iza and Hampus from Sweden and Lana from New Zealand.  After the hike we went to have lunch at a restaurant with a spectacular view of Mt Agung and rice paddies.

And as if we had not done enough on this day, we decided to go to a yoga class later that evening and then some salsa dancing in a Cuban place.  I am exhausted!  this is what happens when you hang out with 20 somethings…  😉

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  1. Estoy feliz por ti. Have fun!!!! Que Dios te proteja.


  2. Me encanta!! Te vez super feliz y relax. Sigue pasandola bien y conociendo el mundo. Nosotros estamos tambien viajando atravez de tus experiencias, al leer tus posts. Un abrazo!


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