1. So happy for you Cata! You have made me think more about traveling solo and that it can be a very satisfying journey. Keep your dialogues coming.

    1. Thanks Cindy! it is a very satisfying journey to travel solo. You learn a lot about yourself and you challenge yourself in so many ways that you wouldn’t if you have the comfort of having someone always next to you. I definitely recommend, even if for a short period of time…

  2. This is a great post/update! I think I’m partial to this one primarily because these are the things I would want to know if I was speaking to you in person. And then after getting this type of information out of the way, I would then love to hear all of your wonderful stories of your travels. The people that you met, the food that you ate, the places that you saw and experienced, etc.

    It’s so awesome that you were doing this!! You are allowing many people to live vicariously through you. And also show us that doing something like this IS possible. 😃


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