1. Loved this blog!! Cuando hablabas de como te sentias con las miradas de los hombres jajaj me recordo tanto cuando estaba en Abu Dhabi. Yep y cuando te cubres, te miran menos…un circulo vicioso. Que bueno que saliste saludable del desierto….

  2. I love your blog daughter, it is so fascinating to see the way you describe and make us live part of your joy. God bless you.

  3. Your picture of the Chicken Rock and How Camels Clean Themselves are National Geographic cover worthy! Keep writing. I love reading about your adventures. If it were anywhere else in the Middle East other than Jordan, I would really be afraid for you walking around as a single woman. Congrats on getting your C card for diving. It will open up a whole new world. Hopefully you didn’t gain too much weight having dessert so often in the desert!! LOL. If you are in Egypt let me know I have a brother there.

    1. thanks for the comment on the pics, I try… 🙂 out of 1000 photos taken, 1 or 2 come out well…
      I was in Egypt already, too bad I didn’t know you had a brother there. It would have been nice to meet up with him…
      and surprisingly I have not gained any weight, probably because I sweat like crazy in the dessert heat!

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