1. OH wow !!!!!!! and you made thru the Vipassana, my hat off to you !! being quiet and meditating must be very hard, specially that long…what an accomplishment !!
    Regarding HER comment on Love, that is so true… if you really love someone, you don’t expect anything in return, and if that person is your priority you will do whatever to make them happy. You love because you want to love !! and could keep loving after the break up without feeling any pain or loose sleep…..
    About the robbery, i can see it, feel it like i was there…. glad you didn’t loose your cool, they would have put you in jail.
    Love reading your blog !! will go back sometime in the next few days and add my comments to your travels…..

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Amelia. I know this post was very long and not many photos (as I lost them in the robbery) so I appreciate it. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

  2. Catita!!!!! I’ve been trying to access your blog for weeks and it wouldn’t load. I sent you a message all stressed out ‘cuz it’s been a couple of weeks since I last heard of you, left your blog page loading overnight and by the time I woke up this morning, there it was!! Saw the time stamp of this blog post and though “Whew! She’s ok!!” Then I read it and thought “WOW! This story is AMAZING!” I had read your email about the stolen electronics and passport but didn’t know the details about it. What an ordeal! And also, what a timing for it to occur after learning the principles of Vipassana. I had taken a course on mindfulness where they tried teaching the principles of Vipassana in a couple of hours (clearly not enough) and I asked the same exact question about dettachment and love. Surprisingly (given my class that day was just 2 hours long) the teacher offered the exact same answer you were told. Guess the principles are the same, no matter where you are! Dettachment is hard, though. Hats off to you!
    I love the story of the baby mouse and momma rat!! I imagined you staring at the ceiling and hoping for eventful things to happen…like seeing two lizards and coming up with a romantic story about the two of them or wondering how a crack on the wall got there…
    Miss you, hun!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well. Te quiero montonsotes!! xoxoxoxo

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