Travel fatigue…? me?!!!

It finally kicks in! after 13 months on the road… travel fatigue! I was just stepping out of the hotel for yet another day of sight-seeing, not being very excited about what I was about to see. I am usually very social but this time I didn’t want anything to do with anyone. I just wanted to rest. I was feeling off, exhausted and not myself at all. And of course I decided to go see the most depressing places that Cambodia has to offer, the war museum and killing fields from the time of the Khmer Rouge.  And then to make matters worse, a tuk-tuk driver who is taking me around the city tries to play a little scam to get more money out of me.  Not the right time buddy!  I reacted a bit harshly and told him off.  And later I felt super bad, this poor guy was just trying to make a living and bring food to his family, probably to a wife and five children waiting for him at home! This is so unlike me, I am not a mean person!
I finally diagnosed myself with “travel fatigue”; which I had heard so much about but refused to believe that it could ever happen to me.  How could I ever be tired of my favorite hobby in the whole world?!
Ok to be precise, it is not that I am tired of seeing new places, it is that I am exhausted of moving around so much. Imagine moving to a different place and spending the night on a different bed every three nights or so. Constantly on the go.  Planning your next move.  Changing friends. This is what actually  adds so much excitement to this trip but when you are feeling tired, is exactly what breaks you!
So there are two solutions to fix my problem of travel fatigue. One is to stop traveling and go home and the other is to just rest somewhere for a few days and try to recharge my batteries. I chose the latter.  The first one is not a good option for me as there is a lot that I have yet to see on this trip. I feel like if I don’t see all that is on my list this time around, then when else will I do it?! I need to be realistic.  The chances of me going back home getting a job and getting settled again to later leave everything and hit the road (again) are pretty slim. So it is now or never! I need to tough it out, get some rest, re-energize and keep going!  I headed out to the islands, took a boat from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong Samloem and found the Paradise Villas right by the sea, surrounded by green, and with the jungle behind them.   I picked a hut to spend a few days…

My hut

the view from my hut

A few days later…
It worked!  I spent four days on an island, in a little hut doing absolutely nothing.  I just read and laid in a hamac all day.  It was absolutely amazing!  I now write almost a week later and I am happy to report that Stella’s got her groove back!  I am back on the road and feeling very happy.  All thanks to this place; which gave me rest, comfort and the chance to enjoy the “Dolce Far Niente”.  I had heard about it before, I just never tried it and I can honestly say that it was sweet!!!



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  1. Cata, as a fellow long trip traveler I can relate and I think you did an amazing job of summing up the emotions and sensations of the fatigue! Glad you recharged your batteries (been doing the same myself for the last 3 weeks) and looking forward to hearing about more adventures. Much love 🙂

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