Taking that first step

This part really resonated with me (from nomadicmatt.com), or rather reminded me of how it all got started for me:

“Traveling becomes a lot easier when you break it down into manageable pieces. Don’t think of all the things you have to do – just think about the next thing you have to do. You have to walk before you can run!”

I am ending a two-year trip in a month and I remember putting a list together of things that I had to get done in order to get ready to step out of the door. The first thing on that list was “get a quote to change the ceiling in my apartment”. I had a great job, a nice apartment, a nice car, my family living nearby, great friends, savings, everything but… Travel was missing!

I had been wanting to travel long-term and independently for so long but the thought of actually getting out of everything that was going “well” in my life was daunting. I was scared, just like anyone else would be of changing my entire life to be true to myself and realize my biggest dream.

It all began with THE LIST. I had to find a way to rent my apartment and first I needed to change the ceiling since it had about 3% asbestos in it. This was important to me before I could offer it in the renters’ market.

Once I completed step 1 of “getting a quote”, then step 2 of “moving everything into storage” (to scrape off the ceiling) was easy. Step 3 was “to paint the ceiling”, Step 4 was “to find an agent to show the property”, and so on… it all starts with ONE step!

Once you take that first step and you get into action, things start happening, it becomes easier, and your anxiety and fears begin to dissipate. Last step on the list, as you can imagine, was “to get on the airplane” and I did!!!

Almost two years ago I got on that airplane and my life changed for the better. I have never been happier, healthier, and more proud of myself!

My trip is almost coming to an end but I go back home with a ton of wonderful memories and experiences that will only inspire me to continue to live my dreams, no matter what they are. I know now more than ever how STRONG and COURAGEOUS I am.

Whatever your dreams are, whatever you have been wanting to complete for a long time, just make that list, take action, and complete that FIRST step.

Progress equals happiness, and it will certainly lead to success if you execute your plan to its entirety!


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