My first fundraiser for the children of Godawari Nepal

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On a recent trip to Nepal I had the fortune of spending time with 16 magnificent little souls at an orphanage near Kathmandu- The Nepal Destitute Children Home in Godawari.  This was all thanks to a dear friend from Spain, Ruth, who invited me to help her create profiles of the children in English.  These profiles would be shared with families interested in sponsoring and/or adopting the children.
In the days that we spent with the children we discovered an amazing family with very strong bonds. They shared a kind of love and respect that is not easy to find just anywhere.  These kids were very special and full of love.  While we interviewed them, we noticed the older kids embraced the little ones as they told us about their dreams of one day becoming a Doctor, an Engineer, and a Teacher.  They said they wanted to help Nepal develop more and come out of poverty.  They were so intelligent, so well behaved, and so kind that it was hard to believe that these kids had gone through any hardship in their recent past.
Simon helps Bikash with his new animal hat as he checks out his new cricket pad (toys we brought to them as gifts)
They quickly made us feel like we were part of their family.  The only struggle that was evident to us was their yearning for love from the outside world.  They clung on to us as they asked if we were coming back to see them the following day.  They hadn’t had any visitors for two years before our arrival.
As we walked around the house we noticed there weren’t any toys, any games, any play balls, any bicycles in the yard, or any other things that children should have…  There is only one NGO in Spain that offers them financial support to maintain the orphanage home, their education, and their medical expenses.  Unfortunately the NGO has lost some of the sponsors due to the troubled Spanish economy.  The orphanage is in desperate need to find new money sources to continue to support the children.  The Director tells me that there are at least 15 other children waiting in line to get into the orphanage but they can’t afford to take them.
The orphanage house
For 2017 the Spanish NGO has been able to provide most of the money to cover the annual budget but they still have a gap of US$2,500 on fixed expenses from July to December.
These kids touched my heart and I promised them that I would find a way to offer my support.  I need to help them close this financial gap because I believe in these children and their potential to someday grow up to be good citizens and contribute in really great ways to make Nepal a better place.  I want to make sure that while they grow up and get an education, that their basic needs are all met.  They deserve to have good and healthy lives.

The group poses for a photo
To give you some background on the difficult situation in Nepal, the country suffers from chronic  power shortages; which have increased in certain areas after the earthquake.  The country is still recovering and reconstructing.  The difficult situation is exacerbated by the lack of fuel and elevated food prices; which are some of the direct effects from the recent Nepal-India political issues.  Disagreements between the government and the Madheshi (a large ethnic group of Indian descent) have resulted in a reduction of economic activities such as the import of fuel, medicine and food grains.  A lot of protests and blockades were taking place while we were there.  All of these issues, besides many others that Nepal has, affect the orphanage.

Having lunch in the yard
Please help me close the gap on the orphanage budget.  Anything you can give is good and greatly appreciated.    Rest assured that any money you give is going to a very good place.  THANK YOU in advance for your consideration and your support!
I hope to go to Nepal next year to visit the children.  Any donor is welcome to accompany me on this trip.  It would be great for you to meet these amazing children and see how your donations do make a difference!

Bikash, the youngest kid in the orphanage likes smiling for the camera. 
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  1. Wonderful post! It is very hard to raise funds other than by going to ines friends and family or having events where people pay for something or another. We were able to raise $500 for a baby elephant in Sri Lanka but boy it was hard work!

    1. thanks! It is definitely hard work but I have been very impressed with people’s generosity. I am getting closer to my goal and hoping that I can reach it. I will be doing another fund raiser soon for a community of fishermen in Colombia to help them build a library for their community. Hopefully it will go as well as this one. Great job on raising funds for the baby elephant in Sri Lanka. Safe travels!

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