About Me

Welcome!  My name is Catalina and I am extremely passionate and ambitious about world travel.

I love discovering new places, immersing myself in new cultures, meeting new people, and stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I have always made Travel a priority in my life.  I have been fortunate to experience more than 50 countries and I cherish all experiences lived and friends made along the way.

I love that you are here and I hope to inspire you with my stories and photos to go out there and create your own adventures!

I find Travel to be one of the most powerful weapons against war, prejudice, racism, and bigotry among many other society ailments.  I am a true believer that fear develops from the unknown.  Whatever we are ignorant about is what feeds fear, and in turn that fear leads to the creation of injustices and prejudices.  We must continue to educate ourselves!

We need to go out there and learn from other people, other cultures, explore new landscapes, experience places, and try to understand our world.

How I became a Traveler…

My love for travel was triggered when I moved to the US at the age of 13.  Learning a new language, a new culture, and discovering a new way of life was extremely enriching in many ways.  Once I thought I had become proficient in English, I began to study French.  After graduating from college I decided to pursue my goal of living and working abroad.  I chose France so that I could become fluent in writing and speaking the language.

Upon my return to the US I began a career in International Logistics; which allowed me to save enough money to continue to travel every year.  A career in Logistics also gave me many valuable skills in planning, budgeting, organizing, project management, and plan execution amongst others; which have made me a better traveler.

A few years into my career I decided to take a break to travel to Africa.  I spent six weeks visiting various places in Kenya and Tanzania working as an HIV prevention volunteer and enjoying some safaris in my free time.  I returned to the US to continue to work, but always finding time to travel and inspire others through my photos and stories.

By the time I had traveled to 30 countries, I decided that it was time to see more of the world, but in a different manner.  This time I would do it solo, without following a specific itinerary, and for a long period of time.  I quit my job, rented my apartment, sold my car, and put all belongings in storage.  All that accompanied me on this journey was my 46-liter backpack with clothes and a smaller backpack with electronics.  I traveled to 24 new countries in 24 months.  It was the most incredible and rewarding experience of my life and is what led me to create this website.

And I don’t plan to ever stop traveling… after coming back from my round-the-world trip I have decided that I never want to stop exploring the world.

I am extremely grateful and know that I am fortunate to have had the opportunities in life that made it possible for me to travel this much so far.  I realize this privilege is one that not everyone can have.  I am thankful for my health and resources to continue on this path and will work hard to never take this privilege for granted.

I am a free spirit, a constant learner of life, an adventurer, and an explorer with a huge heart for our world.  I want to continue in this awesome journey of discovery- to learn, to experience, and to bring inspiration to YOU.

Happy Travels!