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I have always loved to travel but I could only do it two to three weeks during a year. For the past ten years I have been dreaming about traveling long-term and independently. Every time I was ready to go, something new came up, a new job, a promotion at work, changes in the family, etc. Life keeps happening and you just have to make the decision to do it and put your plan into action! What finally kicked it off was having a bad experience where my immune system was slowly crashing and it made me realize how precious my health and my time on this earth are. We have to live as fully as we can and do what makes us happy. I decided to take the plunge and make it happen! I was ready to embark on a new adventure, and pay some deserved attention to the explorer in me. I bought a one-way ticket to Bali and after that, well... you can read what happened next on my blog! Thank you for visiting my site where I document my most memorable experiences as I go around the world.