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Mt Agung, Bali

I hiked up Mt. Agung today, my second mountain in 5 days in Bali.  This is an active stratovolcano and… read more Mt Agung, Bali

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Arrived in Bali

Tattoo shops, massage parlors, tour kiosks, taxi drivers, motorcycles, souvenirs shops… it’s Kuta madness!  I decided to stay in Kuta… read more Arrived in Bali

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One last goodbye

I am feeling all kinds of emotions as I get ready to leave on my RTW (round-the-world) trip.  My flight… read more One last goodbye

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It is finally happening…

Did the planets align?  did my overall fortune change? did I win the lottery (as some have asked)? No!  I… read more It is finally happening…